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Windows Surface - Pros and Cons

A little over 8 months ago I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro. My thought process for this purchase was to replace my current laptop and see if this could also replace my IPAD with the Surface. For the past few years I have been carrying around a 17inch laptop that was starting to weigh me down. I wanted something smaller and that could still allow me to perform my job. I did a lot of research and decided to purchase the Surface Pro. I bought the 128GB version and made sure it had all the bells and whistles I could get. I installed office 2010 and was ready to test it out. 8 months later it is the only device I carry with me now besides my phone and I have never regretted the decision.  As with any device it is not perfect so I thought I would go over the pros and cons of the Surface and let you decide if it is for you.


1: Size and weight - the Surface is a great size and weight for the mobile user. The 10.5 inch screen may be a bit on the small side but with the option to attach a second monitor any issues with screen size go away. Since I used to carry a very heavy laptop the weight is perfect for my mobile lifestyle.

2: Capabilities - I am an IT consultant and work almost exclusively in the Microsoft realm. My clients are all over the country and may call at any time for information of help. Since the surface is running Windows 8.1, I have all the capabilities I need on this computer. RDP is very important to me and it is there when I need it. Since I installed Office, I have Outlook and can check my mail anytime I need (since I can tether the surface to my phone to get internet anytime).

3: Ease of use - At first I did not think Windows 8 was ready for the world. With the removal of the start button and all the interface changes, I just did not think it would be easy to use and most people would have a hard time picking it up. In my opinion windows 8 is designed for the touchscreen computer and it works perfect in that arena. I have never used it on a regular desktop so I cannot attest to is capabilities there. All in all it is not that hard to use and pretty easy to learn. If you are a person that does not mind change and are open to new options you will really like this operating system.


1: Storage - the Surface pro that I bought has only 128GB storage. I can increase it by inserting a mini SD card and get an additional 64GB. I also carry a 1TB drive in the bag with the surface so that pretty much covers most issues. I can also use the SkyDrive option on the surface and store documents there to save space if needed.

2: Network - the surface does not have a “3G” option. For a mobile device this may be an issue. Personally, I am actually OK with this as I can tether it to my phone. I brought this up as a con because for some people it will be an issue and I needed to come up with some cons.

3: Power – I am constantly on a computer and many times not near power. If you do not close your apps when you move to another project they continue to run in the background and will run your battery down. Once I learned this I was able to extend the lifetime of the Surface. It would be nice if the Surface had a longer battery life.

All in all I am completely satisfied with my Surface. It’ small size has made my life so much easier and no matter where I go I have everything I need to get my job done. I know with all the bells and whistles it is a bit pricey, but is worth every cent. I believe if you invest in one you

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